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Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links, which means that we may earn a commission if you make a purchase through these links. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. This comes at no additional cost to you.

1) Square Card Reader - An easy way to take payment at markets and in person events.

2) Owala Water Bottle - Keeps your drinks cold all day and you can either tilt it back to drink or use the straw.

3) Good Socks - If your feet are prone to blisters and your standing all day at a market, these socks will save your feet.

4) Basic Poly Mailers - I love this shipping mailers because they are sturdy, self seal, and are affordable.

5) Hanging Baskets- These hanging baskets are the perfect addition to any pegboard displays you are using at pop up shops.

6) Wicker Baskets - I love using these wicker totes to store products at my market booth. It adds a lot of texture to the display and holds a good amount of product.

7) Stretchy Table Cloths - Don't buy regular table cloths. Get this one! It doesn't wrinkle and fits tight to your table.

8) Rolling Cart- Save yourself time and energy at market set ups and take downs. This wagon has saved me when I can't park close to a market venue.

9) Bags for Customers - At markets where I am taking customer payments I love having bags to offer. These are sturdy and easy to customize with your own logo using stickers.

10) Clothing Tag Gun - This tagging gun has been super useful in tagging my products and can be used on lots of different products. It saved me so much time and looks very professional.

11) Tripod - Easy to use tripod for getting all sorts of video footage for social media.

12) Book Shelf - I've used this shelf in my office as well as for market displays.

13) Collapsible Clothing Rack - If you sell clothing or anything you can hang. This clothing rack is a game changer. I love how it comes a part so you can take it to and from markets easily.

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