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Popup Canopy

If you are doing an outdoor market you NEED a popup canopy! I will keep you and your products safe and comfortable. Make sure your canopy meets your booth space requirements and fits in your vehicle before you buy! I like this one on Amazon. Is a great basic canopy. I love how professional the white tenting looks at an event.

Popup Canopy Sides

I recently purchased this three pack of canopy walls for my pop up tent. I love that I can cut down on wind and sun coming thorough the sides of of my booth. They are also really easy to use.

Canopy Weights

If you have ever sold at my market, Juniper Market, you know we take canopy weights really seriously. Trust me you do not want to have your canopy break on you or your shoppers. These weights from Amazon come prefilled (yay, for saving time) and stack super nicely around the base of the canopy legs.

Rolling Cart

I waited way to long to purchase a rolling cart. Trust me when I say they are GAME CHANGING! By loading up the cart during market set ups and take downs I have saved so much time and energy. This cart from Amazon folds up so it can store easily in your car.

Life Time Folding Table

I am a bit embarrassed about how much I love my lifetime folding tables. I have two and they have gotten me through over 4 years of markets. They fold up so easily that transporting them to and from markets is a breeze. The handle and lightweight materials makes carry them super easy too. I can't imagine using any other table for market displays. Amazon has a few sizing options you can check out here.

Nice Table Cloths

With those tables you are going to need some nice table cloths. Take it from me and get the nice stretchy ones that don't wrinkle and fit under your table lets. Find them on Amazon here. Just make sure to order the right size!

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